Ron's Favorite Sites

Fav Curban Cure to Bad Food Preparation
Eggs_w_onionsJust take a look: You will figure it out!
Fav Marine park
MexThis Country went above and beyond to repopulate the oceans' marine life.
Fav Safest places to live in dane county
Web_yellow-1Thought this might be of interest, particularly if you live in Dane County or are thinking about moving here.
Fav The purple store (mattresses)
The_purple_storeThese people make great mattresses with an excellent guarantee.
Fav This company wants to build a giant indoor farm next to every major city in the world.
FarmThis would help cut down on oil dependency.
Fav Wave power
WaveWhy waves could be the solution to powering our world. This is amazing!!
Jane's krazy, mixed-up salt.
JanesI first tried this seasoning when I was 7. It is fantastic, a lot of people do not like it because it does not carry this decade's Waist-watching Name. I assure you: Once you have tried it, there is no going back!
Made in USA
UsaA website that helps users
find products that are made
in America.
NetflixThere is nothing Like it after 10 years I can honestly say I have more choices than cable, Hulu® or any other online place offered, unless they get $2-$4 per episode or movie. Protect Netflix and appreciate it before it's gone.
PandoraI have used this site since it first went on line It is the one site that truly knows what you like to listen to and what you will like.