Formerly: Guy in the Red Truck

WHAT's UP MOVING FORWARD IN 2024? Expanding Territory, (see below); Other News.

  Do you have unwanted items lying about that you do not know how to recycle?
  Are you appalled at the enormous fees when you do find someone that does recycle them?
  We provide at-home service and pick-ups. We serve areas such as:

  • Cities of Cottage Grove, Fitchburg, Lake Mills, McFarland, Middleton, Monona, Stoughton, Sun Prairie and Verona.
  • Townships of Dunn, Vienna and Westport.
  • Villages of DeForest, Marshall, Oregon, Token Creek, Waterloo, Waunakee and Windsor.
  • NEW! Just added service to the communities listed below: The City of Columbus and the village of Fox Lake (and outposts in-between).

  → We recycle all e-waste. For example: PCs, laptops, cell phones, stereos
  and all other household electronics.
  → Also kitchen items at little or no charge.

  We recycle: • Stoves, • Washers and dryers, • Microwaves, • AC units,
  • Freezers and refrigerators, • Dehumidifiers
  • Lawn equipment, Bicycles, Swing sets, etc.
  --NOTE: AC units, refrigerators & dehumidifiers do incur a small fee.

  For a fee we will also pick up TVs, mattresses, furniture, toilets, or other items.
  → We will get rid of leftover garage or estate-sale items and excess items when moving.

  --Is your need not listed? Contact us, in most cases we can help.




  Guy-Girl and a Truck (Formerly known as Guy in the Red Truck) has been recycling since 2003
  and is a family-owned business. That's what we are here for. We will pick up and haul away
  what you no longer need. All items are recycled appropriately.
  We repair what we can and send it back to the community to help those who are less fortunate.

  For a convenient pick-up time: Contact Ron at 608.209.5977.
  Or email for more info.

Heavy-load Working_hard

WHEW!?!  After 2 years canceled due to Covid, the Annual Recycling Event at the City of McFarland Municipal Parking Lot WAS FINALLY HELD AGAIN IN 2022. There wasn't one last year (2023) that I headed up.  AND IT'S TOO SOON TO SAY ... if I will be hosting an April 2024 recycling event for used/broken electronics, etc. that you might need to unload.
I must say that it doesn't look promising. An annual event since 2003, it was canceled by the pandemic in 2020 and 2021, and returned in 2022. Yet Stay Tuned for possible events in 2024 and beyond.