Ron's Favorite Music

Fav And one
And_oneAnd One is a German new wave, synthpop and EBM band founded by Steve Naghavi and Chris Ruiz in 1989.
Fav Angels & airwaves - angels and airwaves stomping the phantom brake pedal
8478d66debb878ab886a188daee47964THIS IS A BAND THAT HAS GONE FROM BLINK 182 TO Ava, California, USA.
Fav Beck
BeckBeck's inventive style of music from 1990's to 2017. We both believe he is a truly unique singer and song writer that defies all "labels." This is the true blend of past and present.
Fav Blutengel
B1This is Europe's goth pop. It's not like the drama of
The Vampire Diaries ... But more like The Originals.
Fav Edge of Dawn
Edge_of_dawnThis Band reminds me of a new Depeche mode. Their sound never ceases to amaze!!
Fav Eisbrecher
EisbrecherCheck This Band Out! It's a must!
Fav Joe Satriani
JoeNo explanation needed.
Fav Megaherz
MegaherzThe first Euro band
that I liked with WER BIST DU
Fav Oh Land
Fav Sugar Ray
SugarAn All-American pop rock band!
Band of Horses
MissingThis is a great-sounding band. Is there a ghost?
Blackmill - Miracle
47955a62eb0794bff249b656554aebd5This is a cross between Dubstep and Trance. But it's awesome. However, band site is not well-established yet.
You Are My GodWarm, encouraging, uptempo and meaningful. When you need uplifting and hope.
Gary Numan
GaryRemember this guy? Can you believe he did the song "Cars?"
George strait
GeorgeThis is classic Country
Imagine dragons
Imagine_dragons_2013Good sound.
48ddff79ef47fa762c1399f3c17daa89Great, Canadian sound. comfortable to hear
Kraftwerk2-620x412These are the true people that went as far as they could with early sound effects. Parts of their songs were inducted into early Hip-Hop music as well.
Lykke li
Lykke_li1Some others as well
Motorcycle-as the rush comes
Night club
Night_clubI like the sound!
The Hu Band
The HuThe Hu is a band from Mongolia that blends heavy metal and traditional Mongolian throat singing!
Sabrina Carpenter
The crystal method
The-crstal-method-2015-live-milwaukee-concertThis band created a new sound that has changed the last 20 years of music.