Ron's Favorite Video Games [2013 Sure Was a Killer Year]

Fav Ign-2013
8f8188cfdd8f8c7b3b51fdfcb7b25da12013 was an awesome year for PC game releases!!! [What might 2022 bring in "the Cycle of Nines?"]
Fav The witcher 2 - atari, inc.
00b14c54309901a9336803374c65a887This game is best served on
PC Edition with a wireless
xBox PC controller.
Fav Alice-the madness returns - ea
1c0f3b62459820f6237c6c160715a15eAnother kingpin ...
er, "QueenPin" ...
of that killer year 2013.
Dead island riptide - deep silver
C56e13e702f692d802a6810cf658717cI believe this one also was a kingpin
for that killer year.
Fav Denin_pick Diablo II lord of destruction
D2This game is an all-time classic; by far more interesting than Diablo III. And yes, it does run on Windows 7. If you have any question on how to do it just send us an email.
Dead rising 4
3164888-dead-rising-4-review-thumbI get to kill
the journalist/
camera man again.
Merry Christmas to me.
TerrariaTerraria is a land where
you can build, explore,
create and battle.
The witcher-wild hunt
The-witcher-3rThe latest expansion
to The Witcher!!!